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BPA Lecture of the Week: Mad Men do what Sane Men Dream: from concrete thinking to symbolic understanding
24 May 2017
Mad Men do what Sane Men Dream: from concrete thinking to symbolic understanding

Public event (for external members)

Time: 8.30-10.00 pm.

Cost: £35.00

This Lecture forms part of the Clinical and Theoretical Seminars (CTS) Course.   Theoretical lectures can be applied for on a single or multiple basis. 

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Speaker: David Morgan

Mad Men do what Sane Men Dream: from concrete thinking to symbolic understanding.  Under the pressure of anxiety we all tend to move immediately into a black-and-white state of mind. There is a good reason for this which is explained in a particular kind of psychoanalytic description of development, which Klein termed paranoid schizoid position.

One of the most important features of this state of mind is that it does not provide any place for thinking and symbolic function.  David Morgan will look at how those who have failed to develop this capacity for thought, act on the world, and also how this relates to fundamentalism at an individual and social level.

About the speaker

David Morgan 

is a Consultant Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst Fellow of British Psychoanalytic Society.  He is also a Training Analyst and Supervisor, BPA and Institute of Psychoanalysis, Senior Lecturer City University; and Joint Editor (with Stan Ruszczynkski) of Violence Perversion and Delinquency (Karnac, 2006).

Recent appearances on Radio 4 talking about Whistleblowers, Van Gogh and Politics. Visiting lecturer, Courtauld Gallery, Photographers Gallery, LSE, Freud Museum, Inner City Centre and others speaking on a wide range of subjects such as politics, poetry, psychosis and immigration.  Main Lecturer, Melbourne Psychoanalytic conference 2016.

About the theoretical lectures

A series of  covering a broad range of themes in psychoanalysis given by Training and Senior psychoanalysts.  It forms part of the BPA Clinical and Theoretical Seminars (CTS): Lectures and Clinical Discussion Groups (CDGs) running from September 2016 to July 2017. The next lecture takes place on 7 June - Disturbing and Disturbed: Working with patients who arouse difficult feelings with Stan Ruszczynski.


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How to book

Complete the application form below or contact the Training Coordinator on training@psychoanalysis-bpa.org or on 020 8452 9823.

Cost: £35 per lecture payable upon application.  Payment can be made by following this payment link - click to pay for lecture of the week on 24.05.17


The bpf will not be held responsible for travel/hotel expenses made or incurred in the unlikely event of this course either being cancelled or postponed.

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