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IPCAPA 35th Anniversary
23 September 2017


for bpf/IPCAPA members and invited guests



An afternoon of:

  • Reflection
  • Appreciation
  • Celebration
  • Fun 
  • Affirmation.

The schedule incorporates: presentations, surprise items, musical and dramatic entertainments, exhibitions of colleagues’ artistic skills and talents (some for sale or auction),  a Karnac Book Stall of colleagues’ publications and a shared meal.


14:00 Looking back – IPCAPA’s beginnings (what do you know about this?)

15:00 Musical Interlude, afternoon tea, entertainments, etc

15:30 Looking Around – IPCAPA in the ‘here and now’ (maybe you’ll be surprised)

16:30  Musical Interlude

16:45 Looking Forward – IPCAPA in the future (challenge the limits of your imagination!)

17:45 Musical Interlude, preparations for “The Show”

18:00 “The Show”

18:00 Shared Meal.



bpf/IPCAPA Members and invited guests.

Let us know you are coming.

Access Information

The building has limited access - please call us on 020 8452 9823 to discuss your needs.

Event Details
Reference IP-A
Start Date 23/09/2017
End Date 23/09/2017
Start Time 14:00
End Time 20:00
Location bpf
Venue 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ
Tel: 020 8452 9823 Registered office: 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ
Company number 8238969 registered in England and Wales Registered charity number 1150806