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Doctorate in Clinical Practice

The bpf and Exeter University have recently established a doctoral programme which provides advanced clinical and research training for psychoanalytically orientated psychotherapists.

The doctorate is largely aimed at psychoanalytic practitioners who undertake research or wish to do so. Open to qualified BPC members, the aims of the programme are to:

  • Enhance programme members’ clinical skills and competence
  • Develop critical self-reflective capacities in clinical practice
  • Develop advanced skills in the critical appraisal and evaluation of clinical and academic research;
  • Facilitate members’ ability to formulate, design, implement and communicate the results of clinical research projects
  • Facilitate members’ ability to undertake clinical research projects

The programme is a taught doctorate which will normally last between three and three and a half years. Half of the academic credits required for completion are gained by undertaking assignments linked to a programme of seminars and tutorials and half gained by the completion of a research project. In the first part of the programme participants’ focus on becoming research ‘literate’, learning how to understand, interpret and use a range of research methods and findings. During this period, participants will also explore and think about what areas of research interest them, and in due course how this might be developed into their own personal research project. This is then undertaken and written up under supervision during the latter part of the programme.

Most of the taught part of the programme will be undertaken as intensive, residential events at Exeter University. In-house catering and accommodation will be arranged by Exeter. During these events, the bpf Group and Exeter groups will work intensively together. The course will facilitate distance participation within the learning objectives of the programme.

The programme will be taught, tutored, facilitated and supervised by academic and clinical staff from the School of Psychology at Exeter, Members of the bpf and experienced and leading academic and clinical staff from elsewhere. The staff members are Richard Mizen, the programme leader, Professor Jeremy Holmes and Dr Jean Knox, both of whom are members of the bpf.

For further information and an application form visit the University of Exeter website

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