Psychotherapy Today Sample Syllabus

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Term One

Day One 28/1/17

  • Introduction
  • What is a mind?
  • A Historical and Philosophical overview of Freud and Jung
  • The Unconscious at Play - Art, dreams, myths and representations of the ‘unseen’

Day Two 25/2/17

  • Mapping the landscape
  • Developing Jungian and Psychoanalytic models of the mind

Day Three 25/3/17

  • Infant Development
  • How do we become who we are?
  • How infant observation can inform our seeing

Day Four 22/4/17

  • Trauma and Neuroscience
  • How trauma impacts our ways of being in the world

Term Two

Day Five 20/5/17

  • Body in mind, mind in body?

Day Six 24/6/17

  • Diving deeper: Elaborating Jungian and Psychoanalytic thought

Day Seven 15/7/17

  • Defences: What they are and why we need them

Term Three

Day Eight 16/9/17

  • Group dynamics
  • How do we affect each other?
  • How we ‘other’ other people

Day Nine 14/10/17

  • Sex and sexuality
  • Fetish and fantasy

Day Ten 18/11/17

  • Narcissistic and borderline states of mind in the consulting room and beyond

Day Eleven 9/12/17

  • Ideas in practice
  • Applied work
  • What is it really like being a psychotherapist?

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