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British Psychoanalytic Association

The innovative establishment of the British Psychoanalytic Association as an exciting, new Society of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) in 2006 represented a seismic change in the British psychoanalytic scene. Born out of a desire to start a four-times-weekly psychoanalytic training with less institutional baggage and an open, outward-reaching ethos, the BPA offers the opportunity to train with a dynamic group of Candidates and to participate in a lively scientific life from the perspective of Contemporary Freudian, Kleinian, and Independent theoretical orientations. Scientific Meetings are held regularly and consist of papers or Panel presentations on important topics in psychoanalysis, followed by lively debate. The BPA has established a tradition of regular Clinical Presentations, open stimulating exchanges attended by the whole membership.

For those seeking clinical psychoanalysis, the BPA has a Clinical Service consisting of an assessment and referral to an experienced clinician.  There is opportunity through its Low Fee Service for psychoanalytic treatment at a reduced fee. 

The BPA also runs an Advanced Training Scheme for psychoanalytic psychotherapy professionals who want to train in psychoanalysis.

Our various open courses on offer include an Introductory Course, Weekend Course, Clinical Discussion Groups and an evening course of Theoretical and Clinical Seminars.

Outreach activities include the Freud Bar, monthly at the Hollybush Pub in Hampstead and Keeping Connected, a monthly group for those interested in psychoanalytic discussion.

The keystone of psychoanalysis is the concept of the unconscious, the deep structures in the personality of which the person is unaware but which exerts a huge influence on life, emotions and behaviour.  It involves exploring how these unconscious factors affect patterns of behaviour and past and current relationships. Through these explorations people are helped to better understand their internal worlds and to lead richer and more fulfilling lives.

Visit the WEBSITE: http://www.psychoanalysis-bpa.org/


The BPA is looking for applicants from various backgrounds who are interested in undertaking a training in psychoanalysis and in contributing to the organisation and development of the BPA. The BPA is currently receiving applications for the training to commence in September 2017. Anyone interested should contact:

Lesley Bell, the Chair of Selection, on 020 8888 0446 or

Joyce Samuel-Ouadjo, the Training Co-ordinator, on 020 8452 9823 or by email at training@psychoanalysis-bpa.org

We will be pleased to arrange an informal preliminary interview for people who are considering applying to train and who wish to know more about the British Psychoanalytic Association's training in psychoanalysis. To arrange this please contact Lesley Bell on 020 8888 0446.

The British Psychoanalytic Association (BPA)
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