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The bpf’s mission is to be a strong professional membership organization.  It provides high quality trainings in adult psychotherapy

It provides high quality doctoral training in child and adolescent psychotherapy jointly run / in partnership  with the AFC/UCL.

The bpf provides  a range of pre training courses, access to psychotherapy information and treatment for the public, comprehensive support to its members, and education and training to the next generation of psychotherapists. 

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It will ensure its activities are:

  • accessible to people from all sectors of British society who are interested in psychotherapy treatment, training or understanding;
  • offer a range of high quality, specialist clinical training and academic services;
  • demonstrates a commitment to equality and diversity
Tel: 020 8452 9823 Registered office: 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ
Company number 8238969 registered in England and Wales Registered charity number 1150806