COVID-19 updates, advice and guidance


In response to the latest challenges affecting us all caused by the Coronavirus situation, and having due regard to recent Government advice over the last few days, please note that the bpf is introducing some immediate measures and changes that will enable bpf to continue operating over the next 4-6 months but in a way that assures a safe and healthy environment for everyone associated with the organisation. 

If you are a trainee participating on a bpf programme you should refer to your relevant course tutor/organiser or bpf training co-ordinator for the latest instructions regarding the delivery of that programme.

Until further notice bpf staff will be working from home.

Please contact us by email as the office phones will no longer be staffed.

    It is going to be quite a challenging few months coming up for us all, but we will get through the period together.

    Thank you for your support, understanding and co-operation.  I hope you, your family and friends stay as healthy and safe as possible.

    With best wishes,

    Mike Owen


    We have put together a range of resources to help you during this period. You will find links to many of them below.

    This page is being continually updated, as is our blog, so please check back from time to time to see if there is anything new.
    If there are any specific resources or guidenace that you need, please feel free to contact us.


      guidelines for remote therapy

      see here

      bpf FAQs

      download here

      BACP resources

      A comprehensive range of guidelines and resources are available online

      find out more

      switching to online learning and events


      No in-person group meetings - events, seminars, courses - or external hirings or private consultations are to take place at Mapesbury Road from next week until further notice.

      All bpf meetings or events will be switched, wherever possible, to online, or will be postponed/cancelled for at least 4 months. (At the present time, there is no change in plans for holding bpf’s mid-September Annual Conference.) 

      Refunds for existing bookings should be directed to bpf's Accounts department.


      guidance for accessing Microsoft Teams

      bpf will be using Microsoft Teams for future seminars, training and events.

      We have prepared some guidance for joining a meeting here, and setting up meetings here 

      bpf guide to working from home

      Our top tips for happy home working

      find out more

      guidelines for remote therapy

      from the bpf blog

      see here

      accessing the library and other resources


      bpf members can access PEPWeb and our online journals as usual. You can find them in the resources area of the Members/trainees section of the website. Passwords are sent out every six months, they are also regularly updated on the online journals page. Our ever growing store of scanned articles can be found under ‘Reading Papers', where hundreds of useful book chapters and articles can be searched for.

      Polly can help you find any articles that are not on the reading papers area of the website. Just email her the citation (Title, Author, Vol no, page number, Year, Journal name) at [email protected] and she can turn it round pretty quickly.

      The bpf online library catalogue is very useful to members and non-members alike, as some of the more modern publications have a Google book link. This means though you are not able to loan the book from the library at present, if there is a Google book button on the catalogue entry you may be able to access large parts of the publication and find what you need.

      online resources during the coronavirus outbreak

      bpf library

      access here

      how to find free online psychotherapy resources

      from the bpf blog

      see here

      There has been an expansion of online resources since the COVID 19 pandemic. The move to online learning is having positive changes in freeing up more publisher’s output and opening up databases such as JSTOR.

      Below is a list of the new online study resources that are now avaible, compiled by Luke Manzarpour, Librarian at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling:

      Cambridge University Press have made their textbooks available for free.

      Gale have made a number of their research resources available, including ebooks.

      The Internet Archive have created a National Emergency Library with free access to around 1.5 million titles.

      JSTOR have given free access to public health journals, including psychotherapy and psychosomatics

      JSTOR have also given free access to a range of other journals and resources.

      Project Euclid have open access to mathematics and statistics journals.

      Project MUSE have made a huge range of journals available for free.

      ProQuest have made their academic videos available for free.

      ProQuest are also collaborating with a large number of publishers to offer free ebooks for libraries. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to access from this list.

      SAGE Publishing are giving free access to medical, social, and behavioural science articles.

      University of California Press are giving free access to all their journals.