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17:00 - 20:30


British Psychotherapy Foundation
37 Mapesbury Road
London, NW2 4HJ
United Kingdom

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book launch: 'mothers accused and abused'

Angela Foster, senior bpf member, invites you to celebrate the book launch of 'Mothers Accused and Abused: Addressing Complex Psychological Needs'

The book brings together stories about mothers who are accused of harming, and in some cases killing, their children, children who subsequently harm or kill others and the challenges to professionals who work with them.

Contributors consider the deeply rooted cycles of neglect and abuse manifested in the childhoods of mothers, who only come to our attention when their extreme distress is expressed through their actions. By recognising the long-standing, unmet dependency needs of abused and neglected women, the book argues that longer term engagement can prevent a seemingly endless repetition of court hearings and imprisonment, and thereby address cycles of neglect.

The book is edited by Angela Foster with contributions from:

  • Laura Abbott
  • Dr Gwen Adshead & Dr Anna Williams
  • Steve Bambrough, Dr Sheena Webb and Retired
  • Judge Nicholas Crichton.
  • Jessica Collier
  • Angela Foster
  • Dr Fiona Henderson
  • Dr R. D. Hinshelwood
  • Davina Jhummun
  • Helena Kennedy QC
  • Dr Carine Minne
  • Beate Schumacher
  • Dr Celia Taylor
  • Prof Dr Estela Welldon
  • Pamela Windham Stewart

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