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bpf Audience with Authors: ‘Cézanne and the post-Bionian field: an exploration and a meditation'

bpf Audience with Authors: ‘Cézanne and the post-Bionian field: an exploration and a meditation’

Robert Snell’s book is an invitation to a conversation between painting and psychoanalysis. The book offers an introduction both to Cézanne - the ‘father of modern art’ - and to one of the most interesting developments in contemporary psychoanalysis: the post-Bionian theory of the field, as it has been evolving in Italy in the hands of Antonino Ferro, Giuseppe Civitarese, and others. 

Cézanne and Bion pioneered new directions in painting and in psychoanalysis. Both point us towards a fundamental insight: far from being isolated, self-contained ‘subjects’, we fundamentally exist only within a larger ‘field’. Cézanne’s painting can give us a direct experience of this. The Italian field analysts build on Bion’s work, as well as on Kurt Lewin and Maurice Merleau-Ponty, on group theory and narrative theory, and on theatre, film, literature and visual art. For them, the particular, interpersonal field of the analytic encounter is accessed through reverie, metaphor and dream, and this has profound implications for technique. It allows primitive ‘proto-emotions’ that link us all to be transformed - just as Cézanne transformed his ‘sensations’  - into aesthetic form, into feelings-linked-to-thoughts which in turn enrich and expand the field and its participants. 

The book suggests how far art and contemporary psychoanalysis are mutually generative, and Robert and Richard will use it as the basis for a wider discussion of the far-reaching theoretical and practical implications of psychoanalytic field theory and its ‘aesthetic’ dimensions.


About the speakers

Robert Snell, a BPF member and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice, is the author of Uncertainties, Mysteries, Doubts. Romanticism and the Analytic Attitude (Routledge, 2012), and Portraits of the Insane. Théodore Géricault and the Subject of Psychotherapy (Karnac, 2016).

Richard Morgan-Jones is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist whose work and supervision are profoundly informed by field thinking. He teaches at the BPF and also internationally in India, USA, Italy and Russia. He is an organisational and group relations consultant, who practises internationally, and the author of The Body of the Organisation and its Health (Karnac, 2010).


Event: 2 hours CPD credits 

bpf members £ 0.00
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