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HCSA Historical Child Sex Abuse - Wessex £ 20.00


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United Kingdom

Coming into Being. Reflections from an NHS Specialist Psychotherapy Service for Survivors of Historical Child Sexual Abuse (HCSA)


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Coming into Being. Reflections from an NHS Specialist Psychotherapy Service for Survivors of Historical Child Sexual Abuse (HCSA)


HCSA is a crime which haunts the fabric of our history, culture and social structures. It is clear that denial and a culture of lies have bred injustice, suffering and the traumatic isolation of survivors whose testimony now reaches back into the community.


There is also another side, picked up with aliveness, creativity and refracted within global movements such as #MeToo. Survivors are also speaking with an exuberant focus on future, for those to come, and toward developing creative therapeutic processes many of which are informed by historic and recent psychoanalytic paradigms.


As an introduction to her presentation, Maggie Schaedel will show a brief film based on Sigmund Freud’s analysis of Dora. This film was made at a particular moment of mourning for psychoanalysis and a pervasive melancholic sensibility is unmistakable. A trail of sadness, pain and outrage moves through the film which addresses the need to find attunement and to know the humanity of Dora. As our own professional history becomes reclaimed with sorrow and loss we are challenged to move beyond disavowal and culpability.

A traumatised generation is speaking out, one which has grown through the impact of invalidation and invisibility to develop an historic and powerful narrative. Women are called as witnesses to traumatic levels of unmourned loss as past events are recalled in scenes of haunted suffering. The film makes explicit links with the coming into being of psychoanalysis at the turn of the 20th century and returns us to its earliest days.

Ideas which once seemed lost are now re-found and Maggie Schaedel cites as example aspects of the work of D.W.Winnicott which recently have found a home within trauma informed contexts and re-imagined within the literature on trauma. In particular, she refers to his ideas of primitive states, analytic inter-subjectivity and transitional space.

In this presentation Maggie Schaedel makes reference to the parallel processes between the therapeutic couple and the social and institutional contexts of the NHS where health and illness commingle. She will use clinical material, appropriately disguised, to extend some of these ideas within the body of her presentation.

About the speaker:

Maggie Schaedel is Consultant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist within Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. She is the founder and clinical lead for The Woman’s Service, an NHS award-winning, specialist psychotherapy service for survivors of historic child sexual abuse.

As Lecturer in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Clinical Director for Psychotherapy at The University of Kent she developed training programmes in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and a network of training partnerships with NHS Trusts throughout London and the South-East.

Over many years Maggie taught the work of D.W. Winnicott at The Squiggle Foundation, The University of Kent and Arbours Association of Psychotherapists.

In 2019 Maggie was awarded a special commendation from BPC for a service that has been influential in the development of specialist psychotherapy services for survivors of child sexual abuse

Most recently (2020), she has presented to the Tavistock External Lectures on Trauma:  Ghosts Don't Turn Corners.

Maggie has published in Sex and Sexuality (2005, Karnac), and Her Hour Come Round At Last (2011, Karnac)

This event will take place online via zoom.

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HCSA Historical Child Sex Abuse - Wessex £ 20.00