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20:00 - 21:30


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British Psychotherapy Foundation
37 Mapesbury Road
London, NW2 4HJ
United Kingdom

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AUDIENCES WITH AUTHORS: “All That We Are” with Gabriella Braun

Come and listen to Gabriella Braun talk about her latest book, All That We Are, in conversation with Juliet Newbigin, senior member of the bpf.

From the book’s back cover:

Who do you bring with you to work? Try as we might, we cannot leave part of ourselves under the pillow with our pyjamas when we go to work. We bring all that we are.

In this collection of stories, Gabriella Braun shares insights from over twenty years of taking psychoanalysis out of the therapy room and into the staff room. She shows us why a board loses the plot, nearly causes their company to collapse, and how they come through. We see the connection between a headteacher’s professional and personal loss. We understand seemingly unfathomable behaviour – why a man lets his organisation push him around, a lawyer becomes paranoid, a team repeatedly creates scapegoats and founders of a literary agency feud.

At a time when we are re-thinking the workplace, All That We Are shows that by taking human nature seriously, we can build more humane organisations where people and their work can thrive.

Reviews of the book:

‘Compassionate and discerning’, GWEN ADSHEAD author of The Devil You Know

‘This powerful, sensitive and timely book reveals what really happens within and between people at work . . . Gabriella Braun shows that taking human nature seriously, including unconscious elements, makes all the difference to the health of our organisations’, MIKE BREARLEY former captain of England Cricket and President of the British Psychoanalytical Society


Please note this is a hybrid event (available in-person and online) - Please email [email protected] to indicate whether you intent to attand virtually or at the bpf offices.


about the speaker

GABRIELLA BRAUN is the Director of Working Well, a specialist consultancy firm using psychoanalytic and systemic thinking to help leaders and teams understand the hidden truths of their behaviour at work. She has consulted to hundreds of clients including the British Library, RADA, Tate, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, University of Cambridge

and Queen Mary, University of London. She holds a master’s degree in Consulting to Organisations: Psychoanalytic Approaches from the Tavistock Clinic; and was a Principal Consultant in the Tavistock Consultancy Service.

BPF Trainees £ 0.00
Students £ 10.00
Standard £ 20.00