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United Kingdom

Self, Ego and Suicide


Dr Oliver Dale is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Jungian Analyst. He is the clinical lead for the Community and Recovery Services in Hammersmith & Fulham and works as a community psychiatrist as well as having a small private practice. Working with people who contemplate suicide is an everyday part of NHS practice. Multidisciplinary teamwork is central to helping people work through their suicidal difficulties but, when on the rare occasion tragedy strikes, it is equally important to help communities come to terms with the loss that follows suicide. Through his work as a consultant psychiatrist, Oliver Dale has collaborated particularly closely with psychotherapy colleagues in the NHS working with patients with considerable suicidality, some of whom have ended their lives. The work presented is a personal attempt to make sense of such experiences in the hope of helping to mourn and to support a community through such trauma.

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