black lives matter

a statement from the bpf


The British Psychotherapy Foundation would like to make clear that it stands in full support and solidarity with the protests against racial injustice that have taken place recently in many countries. We deplore the harm and discrimination that BAME members of society have endured – not only in the past but, regrettably, in the present too.

Systemic and institutionalised racism is an unacceptable scar on our society and, in order for this to change, every single person needs to take responsibility for speaking out and challenging racism wherever and whenever it is seen. As an organisation, the bpf recognises that this means directly challenging and confronting discrimination of any kind within our own day-to-day activities, our trainings and events, our culture, and all our policies and procedures.

Diversity and justice have always been values of fundamental importance to the bpf, and we will continue to strive to create as safe and inclusive environment as we can for all. Diversity in all its forms is something that everyone should positively embrace, celebrate and be proud of.

We are, however, aware that there is always more that can be done and the bpf is determined to be an ally in the necessary fight against all forms of racism and discrimination. And we thank everyone involved with us – from our trainees and tutors to our staff, partners and all our friends and contacts – for your support too.