Covid-19 Update and your application for psychotherapy at the bpf

open for all enquiries

All enquiries and applications for psychotherapy are welcome. 

Assessment consultations will be offered  online  or in person.  Appointments may take longer to arrange due to the high level of demand. Please contact us by email to arrange a consultation. 

Please feel free to email us should you need further information. We thank you for your patience and want to reassure you that we will process your application as quickly as possible.

Louise Woodhead
Clinical Services Coordinator

mid fee intensive therapy

Subject to availability the bpf offers mid fee Intensive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Jungian Analysis and Psychoanalysis. Mid fee vacancies can range from £25 to £45 per session -  subject to financial circumstances. Vacancies are for three times weekly. The therapy is offered by qualified members of the bpf.

application process

  • You will need to complete and return a questionnaire (available from our Clinical Services Officer)

There is an administration fee of £60 as part of the application process, payable directly to the bpf.

  • You will be offered a consultation with a Senior Therapist, if appropriate.

This consultation will offer you the opportunity to find out more about your psychotherapeutic needs and whether psychotherapy is a suitable treatment for you. There is a charge of £90 for this one off consultation. If two meetings are required the total will be £120. This is non refundable.

  • Once you have had a consultation, if appropriate, you will be referred to a bpf therapist as soon as possible. You will not be seen for ongoing therapy by the therapist who offered you the assessment consultation

If it is decided that this is not the best form of treatment for you other options will be suggested. We do our best to accommodate individual needs with regards to location and times available for therapy.

further information

For further information about our therapy services please contact our Clinical Services Coordinator

Louise Woodhead

Phone: 020 8438 2414 Wednesday afternoon only
E-mail: [email protected]

or our Clinical Services Officer

Cathie Moore

Phone: 020 8438 2415 Wednesday afternoon only
E-mail: [email protected]

location of our vacancies

Please contact our Clinical Services Officer if you would like to explore whether intensive treatment is appropriate for you.

Below is a list of locations in which we would normally offer mid-fee intensive therapy. If this is something you feel that you would be interested in the future, please keep an eye on the website for any changes.

current vacancies
London - Hammersmith


3x weekly for one male or female patient

(Application in process)

London - Lewisham


3x weekly for one male or female patient

London - Wood Green


3x weekly for one male or female patient

(Application in process)

London - Kingston upon Thames


3x weekly for one female or male patient

Leatherhead- nearest station Horsley


3x weekly for one female or male patient