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online resources during the coronavirus outbreak

There has been an expansion of online resources since the COVID 19 pandemic. The move to online learning is having positive changes in freeing up more publisher’s output and opening up databases such as JSTOR.

Below is a list of the new online study resources that are now avaible, compiled by Luke Manzarpour, Librarian at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling:

Cambridge University Press have made their textbooks available for free.

Gale have made a number of their research resources available, including ebooks.

The Internet Archive have created a National Emergency Library with free access to around 1.5 million titles.

JSTOR have given free access to public health journals, including psychotherapy and psychosomatics

JSTOR have also given free access to a range of other journals and resources.

Project Euclid have open access to mathematics and statistics journals.

Project MUSE have made a huge range of journals available for free.

ProQuest have made their academic videos available for free.

ProQuest are also collaborating with a large number of publishers to offer free ebooks for libraries. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to access from this list.

SAGE Publishing are giving free access to medical, social, and behavioural science articles.

University of California Press are giving free access to all their journals.

In addition to the bpf library all bpf members, trainees and staff can use the libraries that belong to the PLUG library cooperative. Just email the librarian first. This is for reference use only.

PLUG library cooperative:

  • Metanoia
  • IOPA
  • IGA
  • WPF
  • Minster
  • NSPC
  • SAP
  • Anna Freud

contact the librarians

Andrew Russell & Polly Mortimer

Andrew works on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Polly (consultant) is in the library on alternate Thursdays and Fridays.

e-mail: [email protected]psychotherapy.org.uk 
Unfortunately our phone line is currently closed, please email your request.

from the bpf blog

how to find free online psychotherapy resources

Read here

frequently asked questions

where is the library at 37?

We are on the first floor overlooking Mapesbury Road. Part of the collection (secondary sources) is in the library and part in the committee room opposite (primary sources and the John Padel Collection).

what do you offer to students and members with disabilities?

We can help in any way possible – the catalogue can be searched online, http://b10315uk.eos-intl.eu/B10315UK/OPAC/Index.aspx  we can handpick books as requested and leave them in an appointed place downstairs, and we can talk to individual members or students about their particular requirements. There is also the possibility of using Skype or Facetime (Apple devices) for inductions.

how many books can we take out at a time?

6 books/DVDs for 8 weeks, and renewable by entering your email address in the SIGN IN part of the EOS library catalogue and following instructions. All books in the library are available to borrow. There is no reference section. Please return the books to the box as marked.

can we book a library tour?

Yes – please email or phone to make an appointment to be shown round.

how do we take a book out if the librarians are not in?

Just sign it out on the sheet provided – entering the barcode (from the back of the book) and your details as indicated.

how do we know what electronic resources you hold?

There is a list on the library noticeboard, and you will find them in the Resources area of the Members/trainees section of the website. Passwords are sent out every six months, they are also regularly updated on the Online journals page.

what do we do if we find a mistake in the scanned readings for our course?

Just email us or phone us straight away and we will put it right.

do you accept donations?

Certainly! Please ring us to discuss. Donations are gratefully received.

do you have a suggestions book?

Not as such, but we are happy to take ideas and suggestions.

are there formal inductions to the library?

Please contact us if you’d like one, or/and an intro to e resources. There is also the possibility of using Skype or Facetime for inductions.

where are the primary sources kept?

In the committee room, opposite the library.

what do I do if I can’t find a resource in the library that I want?

Either visit the British Library, free to join, http://www.bl.uk or you can go as a student to the Tavistock (it costs £10 per day) . 

bpf is also a member of PLUG (Psychotherapy Libraries Umbrella Group) and we have reciprocal reference rights with these organisations below. All their catalogues are free to browse online. Just email the librarian beforehand if you want to visit.

http://psychoanalysis.org.uk  Institute of Psychoanalysis

http://www.groupanalysis.org  Institute of Group Analysis

http://www.thesap.org.uk  Society of Analytical Psychology

http://www.minstercentre.org.uk  Minster Centre

http://www.metanoia.ac.uk  Metanoia institute

http://www.annafreud.org  The Anna Freud Centre

http://www.nspc.org.uk  New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling

We also belong to CHILL library group, and PLCS – a journal sharing scheme. Just email us any citations of wanted articles that you cannot find elsewhere and we hopefully will find them for you free.