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  • Developing a psychoanalytic approach to working with children and adolescents

    Training Location: London. Part-time course. This course offers the opportunity for those currently engaged in direct work with children or young people to discuss aspects of that work in a weekly seminar led by a senior child psychotherapist. The aim of the course is to develop and enhance psychoanalytic understanding of the emotional growth and […]

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  • Foundation Course – Psychotherapy & Counselling

    Part-time. Study in London, Online or Hybrid. Course length: 1 Year The bpf’s Foundation Course was designed for those at the very beginning of their journey to become a qualified psychotherapist or counsellor. Built with flexibility in mind, this training is delivered through a combination of in-person and online teaching that is perfectly suited to those […]

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  • Psychotherapy Today

    Online & Onsite Course length: 1 year Psychotherapy Today is the theory module from our Foundation Course. The Foundation Course is comprised of two modules: 1. Psychotherapy Today (Theory) 2. Clinical Module (Practice) You can study Psychotherapy Today as a standalone introductory theory course. However, to be accepted onto one of our qualifying trainings, you […]

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  • Jung Reading Group

    Apply now for September 2024. Established in 2008, this successful reading group is open to those with a shared interest in Jung. It aims to carry out a systematic reading of C.G. Jung’s original works and explore their significance in academic and clinical contexts, including taking into account post-Jungian perspectives in analytical psychology. Apply by […]

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  • Infant Observation

    This two-year course provides an opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of human development through direct observation of an infant during its early life. The body of knowledge is drawn from the main psychoanalytic schools. The course contains experiential and some theoretical learning. On satisfactory completion of the Infant Observation Paper participants are awarded a […]

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  • Jungian Dreams Workshop

    Applications for September 2024 are open. Apply now. A series of six Saturday workshops exploring dream and dream interpretation through the Jungian lens. We will develop and deepen our conversation with dreams and dream symbolism, widening our understanding of collective and personal unconscious processes, both in and outside the consulting room. No prior knowledge of […]

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  • MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development

    Training Location: In London or Online. Part-time course. This pre-clinical course prepares students for a career as a child and adolescent therapist, psychoanalytic therapist, or Jungian analyst. It’s also beneficial for people who work in Social Care, Counselling, Social Services, Primary Care, Mental Health, and Education who want to grow personally and professionally. Health Education […]

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