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Intensive case supervisors professional development (ACP)

This course prepares ACP-Approved Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists to become intensive case supervisors for future IPCAPA trainees.

Study in-person at: 37 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HJ

Applications are open. See ‘How to apply’ for more details.

Application Deadline: 28th June 2024.

The course aims to prepare participants to take the role of intensive case supervisor. There will be presentations from a range of expert speakers considering aspects of the role within the Independent psychoanalytic tradition of child and adolescent psychotherapy, as well as relevant technical, ethical and clinical issues. Intensive case supervisors help trainees learn from an intensive case, supervise the trainee’s understanding of the clinical material, discuss the technical issues and make appropriate links to psychoanalytic theory. 

On this course, participants will develop the skills and confidence to provide the trainees with necessary learning from their intensive case work.

ACP Approved Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists with the following are invited to apply: 

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience as child and adolescent psychotherapists. 
  • Have up to date knowledge of the NHS, 
  • Have experience of supervising child and adolescent psychotherapy trainees. 
  • ACP Full Membership 

BPF Members: £585 

Non-Members: £650 

On offer of a place, you will be invited to register and pay via debit card through a secured payment page.

Please note that the bpf will not be held responsible for travel/hotel expenses made or incurred in the unlikely event of this course either being cancelled or postponed. See our cancellation and refund policies for more information.

The course is divided into two parts and will be delivered Hybrid. Part 1 is in person at bpf while Part 2 is via Zoom. 

Part I will consist of 2 half-day workshops on 6th and 13th September 2024 from 2-5pm. 

Part 2 will consist of monthly workshops on Fridays from 12- 2.15 pm (See dates below).

Date Time Session Location 
6th Sep 2024 2-5pm Day 1: Introduction In-person (bpf) 
13th Sep 2024 2-5pm Day 2: Half Day Workshop In-person (bpf) 
6th Oct 2024 12-2:15pm Day 3: Transference and Countertransference & Assessment Online (Zoom) 
25th Oct 2024 12-2:15pm  Day 4: Work with Adolescents- Self Harm and Suicide & Report Writing, Process recording papers Online (Zoom)  
22nd Nov 2024 12-2:15pm  Day 5: Theory (Trauma, violence and  disregulation) & Clinical Discussion Online (Zoom)  
13th Dec 2024 12-2:15pm  Day 6: Developmental disorder/ASD & Clinical Discussion Online (Zoom)  
24th Jan 2025 12-2:15pm  Day 7: LAC and Adoption & Clinical Discussion Online (Zoom)  
28th Feb 2025 12-2:15pm  Day 8: Issues around the body & Clinical Discussion Online (Zoom)  
28th March 2025 12-2:15pm  Day 9: Issues around Gender & Clinical Discussion Online (Zoom)  
25th April 2025 12-2:15pm  Day 10: Issues with Network and Parents & Clinical Discussion Online (Zoom)  
23rd May 2025 12-2:15pm  Day 11: Impasse/breakdown & Clinical Discussion Online (Zoom)  
27th June 2025 12-2:15pm  Day 12: Endings Online (Zoom)  

Part 1: The two half-day workshops, taking place on 6th and 13th  September will include historical and contemporary context; training school and NHS placement perspectives; setting up cases; networks, links and parent work, note and report writing; helping trainees think about meaning of play and early history; working with transference and countertransference; diversity and power relationships, risk and safeguarding 

Part 2: 12 monthly sessions taking place on Fridays from 12 noon to 2.15pm and including theoretical and technical presentation as well as clinical discussion. There will be more in-depth exploration of issues covered in Part 1, as well as the following topics: transference/countertransference; impasse/breakdown; diversity and inclusion; trauma, violence, dysregulation; developmental disorder/ASD; issues around the body: eating disorders/self-harm; issues with network/parents; LAC and adoption; integrating research/theory/writing papers; issues around gender and sexuality, and remote work 

Venue: 37 Mapesbury Road, London, NW2 4HJ. The room where this course takes place is fully wheelchair accessible and accessible toilet facilities are also on site.

To reserve your place contact IPCAPA Training Coordinator: ([email protected])

Application Deadline: 28th June 2024. This will be followed by an interview. When applying please ensure your availability for regular attendance on a Friday