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About us

At the British Psychotherapy Foundation (bpf), it’s our mission to ensure psychotherapy is available to as many people who need it as possible.

With around 650 members, we are one of the largest psychotherapy membership and training organisations in Europe. We are also a charity. Our approach is based on the rich tradition of psychoanalytic and Jungian theory and practice, while also drawing on scientific advances in our understanding of the human mind and development.

  • We train therapists – through high-quality, intensive clinical training programmes.

  • We introduce potential trainees, other professionals and members of the public to the theory and practice of psychotherapy through introductory courses and events.

  • We organise a stimulating programme of short courses, seminars, lectures and discussions for our members as well as for the public.

  • We offer access to therapy though our Clinical Service, including our Low Fee Scheme

  • We publish the prestigious British Journal of Psychotherapy.

  • We provide a dynamic professional home for our members – with opportunities for professional development, information exchange and networking.
A photograph of the front of the British Psychotherapy House on Mapesbury Road in North London. The house is red brick with a black front door.
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