subject access request

Individuals wishing to access their personal information should submit a request in accordance with the following:

download subject request letter
  1. Make your request, in writing, to the bpf.
  2. The request should include details and provide documented evidence of who you are (e.g. driving license, passport, birth certificate).
  3. You should provide as much detail as possible regarding the information you wish to access (e.g. details of information required, by whom is the information held etc).
  4. You are not required to state why you wish to access the information: the details we require will aid the location and retrieval of information.
  5. Once the bpf receives a Subject Access Request, all efforts will be made to fully comply within 30 days. In any event, you will receive all the information that has been located and can be released within 30 days and an explanation for any information that cannot be provided at that time.
  6. If the information held about you also contains information related to a third party, the bpf will make every effort to anonymise this information. If this is not possible, and the bpf has been unable to secure the relevant consent, it may decide not to release that information in order to protect the personal information of the third party.

Data Protection Enquiries

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