becoming a bpf member

By becoming a bpf member you will be joining the largest psychotherapy training and membership organisation in the UK.

The bpf is committed to ensuring that psychotherapy training and courses have a viable future and to demonstrating the relevance of psychoanalytic and Jungian thinking in the 21st century.

the benefits of bpf membership

  • Access to a wide range of CPD events and courses;
  • Career progression opportunities;
  • Access to PEPweb and the British Journal of Psychotherapy;
  • Opportunities to join highly skilled and experienced training committees and to teach on bpf trainings and courses
  • Being part of a membership institution covering a range of modalities: Psychoanalytic, Jungian, Psychoanalysis, Child and Adolescent psychotherapy.

There are currently two ways for therapists who have not completed a bpf training to become bpf members.

psychotherapists registered with BPC

Psychotherapists who have completed a BPC training that is comparable with a bpf training can apply for bpf membership. Applicants will need to complete a short membership application form.

For further details contact

psychotherapists not registered with BPC

The bpf runs a number of Modified Entry Schemes (MES) that lead to bpf membership and registration with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC). The Modified Entry Schemes are individually tailored programmes which take account of previous trainings and experience. People can use a programme leading to a bpf psychoanalytic psychotherapy qualification or to a bpf Analytic Jungian qualification.

The MES programmes are open to people who have completed a BPC or non BPC training such a UKCP and who practice as Psychotherapists, Psychodynamic Counsellors, Arts Therapists, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapists, Couples Psychotherapists, Group Analysts and Humanistic Psychotherapists.

For further information or to speak with someone about your application please contact

Applicants may be required to attend seminars.