Professional Senior Membership

Professional Senior membership is open to any bpf member who has been qualified for 4 years or more. It is designed to acknowledge, value and give recognition to members’ contributions to the profession in a range of settings.

who is it for

The professional route to senior membership is aimed at members who work in areas other than intensive private practice. They may have careers in the NHS and third sector, where the focus is on varied psychoanalytic modalities and disseminating psychoanalytic thinking and understanding or be experienced members who work in private practice at varied frequencies. 

It also provides a route to senior membership for IPCAPA and psychodynamic members which is not currently available.

entry requirements

Applicants should usually have been qualified for at least 4 years and be a full member of the BPC or comparable registration organisation if applying from abroad.

Members approved for senior membership via the Professional route can, if they wish apply to become a senior member via the PPA or BJAA routes at a later date. This is currently a requirement to applying to be a PPA or BJAA Training Therapist/Analyst.  

The criteria below are a guide to the desired professional experience for progression to senior membership. They have been designed to encourage applicants with a wide range of experience.  It is not expected that applicants will meet all the criteria. The aim is to maintain a balance between rigour and respecting and valuing members individual professional experience and varied contributions to the profession. 

2 sponsors will be required. Unless there are particular circumstances, for example applicants from abroad or parts of the country where there are few bpf /BPC members, it is expected that one sponsor will be a member of the bpf (preferable) or BPC. 

If applicants meet the criteria, they will be invited to an interview to discuss their work with 2 members of the bpf ideally drawn from different Associations. The intention of the meeting is to learn about the value and breath of applicant’s work and, most importantly, to mark the transition to senior membership.   


To cover the admin costs and interviews fees the fee for application is £125.00 

how to apply

If an application seems not to meet the criteria, the applicant will be offered an opportunity to discuss the reasons for this with a member of the Professional Senior Membership Panel (SPMP) and, if necessary, advised regarding additional CPD and/or experience that would enable them to re-apply successfully.   
Any applicant who is dissatisfied with the decision has a right to appeal on procedural grounds 

If you wish to apply please complete the application form below demonstrating your eligibility by taking into account the criteria in parts 1,2,3, and 4. and return it to Shahzaib Qadeer Shaikh, ([email protected]) with the application fee, £125.00 payable to the bpf.

download application form

contact us

If you have any questions about the group you can contact Shahzaib Qadeer Shaikh, ([email protected]).

The bpf is committed to diversity and inclusivity in all the work we deliver. We are fully dedicated to promoting, maintaining and supporting equality of opportunity in all aspects of our organisation and, as such, the bpf welcomes applications from all sections of society.