How Couples Psychotherapy Can Transform Relationships 

While divorce rates have fallen in recent years, a considerable number of married/civil partnered couples are still applying for a divorce. Maintaining a healthy relationship is undeniably important and it can contribute to both adult and child mental health, so more couples are booking therapy sessions to help them overcome relationship difficulties. Couple psychotherapy has become an essential tool for couples looking to navigate the complex dynamics of their relationships and strengthen their bond. 

Or it may be that couples need help to separate and this is also something which can be worked on in couple therapy. Supported by robust evidence, couple psychotherapy can be incredibly effective at not just resolving conflicts, but creating a deep, lasting connection between partners, one where each partner has space to develop and be themselves, without feeling suffocated or trapped. 

Understanding Couples Psychotherapy

By couple relationship, we mean the diverse range of adult partnerships, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural identity, family formation, living together or apart, with or without children, and throughout the life cycle. 

Couple psychotherapy involves working in-depth with an experienced therapist to explore the problems within a relationship. Unlike couples counselling, or behavioural couple therapy, which typically focuses on resolving immediate issues that instigated the need for therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy explores the underlying causes which drive the couple’s difficulties. It explores how unconscious aspects of the personality and unresolved conflicts can impact some of the relationship problems couples have and lead to a greater understanding between them. Using a contemporary psychodynamic approach, and taking in to account the diverse nature of relationships as well as society more widely, the type of therapy offered at the BPF is highly relevant for the complexities of today’s world.  

This form of therapy also recognises the diversity of adult partnerships. Psychodynamic psychotherapy can benefit all kinds of relationships regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, marital and relationship status. Relationship therapy can help couples whether they’re living together or apart and whether or not they have children. Evidence shows, and it is our experience clinically, that couples benefit from psychotherapy at all different stages of the life cycle. This is perhaps particularly relevant with an ageing population, where couple psychotherapy has been shown to greatly benefit couples’ overall health as they age. For many people, seeking couple therapy is often the only way they can approach getting help, making it a versatile approach to improving relational health. 

Benefits of Couple Psychotherapy 

Working with an experienced psychotherapist can be incredibly rewarding. Although it can be a difficult process, sticking with therapy sessions can provide profound and lasting change for you as a couple and as individuals.

Finding the Right Therapist 

The success of couples psychotherapy relies heavily on finding the right therapist. It’s beneficial to consider everything from a therapist’s qualifications to their therapeutic approach when booking therapy sessions. It’s also important to find someone you feel comfortable sharing intimate details of your life and relationship with. Personal compatibility can help to improve your working alliance too and make it easier to stick with therapy when it gets more difficult.  

Not all psychotherapists are trained in couples therapy either, so be sure to carefully read a therapist’s profile when deciding which professional is best to support you and your partner on this part of your journey together as a couple. Unfortunately, there is very little couple therapy in the NHS, and most services are private, however the BPF does offer low-fee couple therapy.

Booking Couples Psychotherapy in London  

Couples psychotherapy can be an effective way to transform your relationship, but changes won’t happen overnight. It’s important to get the right support from an experienced couples therapist and continue to work through your relationship difficulties even when therapy sessions get hard. There is absolutely no shame in getting some help when you need it and by doing so, you can improve your life as well as the lives of your family members. To start working with a couple psychotherapist you can enquire about our low fee couple therapy scheme or view our directory of qualified members. At the British Psychotherapy Foundation, we make it easier to find a therapist that suits your needs and budget by providing an online directory of BPF members. Should you have any questions about our therapists, don’t hesitate to contact us, you can even book a consultation with our specialist team to find the right therapist.