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Cath Arakelian

  • Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


I welcome people of all backgrounds, cultural, linguistic, spiritual, to my practice. Any number of feelings and thoughts may be preventing you from making full use of your talents and enjoying your life. You may be experiencing anxiety or depression or behaving in ways that trouble you. It doesn\\\\\\\'t have to be like that. These unwelcome feelings may be signals to you to seek self-understanding and change. Talking in depth with a professional person you can confide in can help you find a way forward over time. You can get relief from persistent symptoms, including depression and anxiety. In therapy, come and safely explore your inner world at your own pace to uncover your unconscious desires and beliefs which can lead to profound self-knowledge, growth and acceptance.

  • Works with

    • Anxiety Disorders
  • Session format

    • Both Remote and In-Person
  • Languages spoken

    • English
  • Accessibility

    • Is Not Wheelchair Accessible