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Mr Max Phillips

  • Adult Jungian Analytic Psychotherapy
  • Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy allows one the opportunity to speak openly and freely about anything that might be troubling in a setting that is confidential and non-judgmental. Therapy can be a unique chance for us to bring into the open feelings that might be too uncomfortable to speak about anywhere else. This can have not only the benefit of catharsis but of a deeper understanding of one\\\\\\\'s own inner life.

My approach is broadly based on the ideas of Carl Jung, who I believe came closer than any other depth psychologist to recognizing the psyche\\\\\\\'s spiritual purpose. Apart from Jung, I incorporate the methods of other psychanalytic schools, but most importantly, I seek to put theory aside in the consulting room in order to meet the patient where s/he is at that time.

I am experienced in working with people from various backgrounds and, apart from English, I have conducted therapy in French and Urdu. I have worked extensively with suicidal ideation and with issues around complex grief and mourning.

I offer short, medium as well as long-term therapy. I have also worked with patients at frequencies between once and four times per week. I have found that, when appropriate, higher weekly frequencies result in a more intense and deeper level of work.

  • Session format

    • In-Person Therapy ONLY
  • Languages spoken

    • English
    • French
    • Hindi/Urdu