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During the month of August clinical services will be providing a skeleton service as our team will be taking annual leave. The service will resume as usual on Monday 5th September.

All enquiries and applications for psychotherapy are welcome

Assessment consultations will be offered  online  or in person.  Appointments may take longer to arrange due to the high level of demand. Please contact us by email to arrange a consultation. 

Please feel free to email us should you need further information. We thank you for your patience and want to reassure you that we will process your application as quickly as possible.

Louise Woodhead
Clinical Services Director

arrange a consultation

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Organising a consultation

  • A questionnaire will be sent to you following your contact with clinical services. You will be provided with information on how you should return it.
  • An administration fee of £60 will apply as part of the application process, payable directly to the bpf.
  • Once you have returned your completed questionnaire and admin fee, a consultation assessment will be arranged for you, if this is appropriate.
  • Should an assessment consultation not be appropriate for you a partial refund of £40.00 will apply.

More Information

This admin fee is concerning the administration involved in arranging an initial assessment consultation with a senior therapist at the bpf.  A referral on to a therapist at the bpf for ongoing therapy usually follows this consultation; however, there are some circumstances where we make an alternative referral to another organisation or to your General Practitioner. The administration fee is not refundable in these circumstances.

  • During this consultation you will have the opportunity to talk about yourself and explore, with an experienced therapist, whether psychotherapeutic treatment at the bpf would be helpful for you.
  • This is often a one off meeting costing £90; however, if 2 consultations are required the fee will be no more than a total cost of £120. This fee is paid directly to the therapist at the time of the appointment, it is not paid to the bpf and  is non refundable.
  • If it seems appropriate after the initial consultation a referral will be made to a bpf therapist. Sometimes psychoanalytic psychotherapy is not recommended and other services will be suggested. 
  •  You will not be seen for ongoing therapy by the therapist who offered you the assessment consultation
  • Fees for psychotherapeutic treatment do vary and you will have the opportunity to discuss fees with your therapist at the initial meeting.  At the present time standard fees tend to range between £55.00 and £75.00 per session. This is only a guideline and is not guaranteed.

contact us

For further information or to receive a questionnaire please contact our Clinical Services: [email protected] 


Clinical Services Director

Louise Woodhead

Call: 0208 438 2414 available Wednesday Afternoons(currently working from home email only)
Please e-mail Lousie at [email protected]

Clinical Services Officer

Cathie Moore

You can e-mail Cathie at

Phone: 0208 438 2415 Wednesday afternoons. (currently working from home email only)